Pinups and Soft Glamour
We regret that a storm has destroyed our outdoor  8 foot waterfall and jungle set, making it is no longer available in the real sense.  However with extraction and digital overlays we are able to fulfill a similar sessions.
Mr. B's Photography

Our new Pixie set is much more realistic with a dozen giant flowers, with insects, frog, snail and multiple backgrounds.
Multiple mermaid tails to choose from.
These samples are intended  for those models 18 and above.  In the sample below the young lady wore a pair of shorts under her dress while her grandmother help with the fan that blew the dress for desired effects.  Yes we did use stockings and a garter for the pinup affect that also adds to the sensual look it.  This is why I prefer this type of pinup the models are a minimum age of 18. Pinup sessions require a lot of prep and planning so the cost for the session is $150 and a print  (16x20) mounted for framing is $129.00; includes a digital copy.

Fantasy photos available for all ages but sensual items has restrictions.  Check out our Fantasy Gallery.