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An Experienced Photographer of over 28 years in the business.

My name is Harlie.  I, like so many others, I have always enjoyed photography.  I took several photographic classes in college which really jumped started the acceleration toward becoming a professional photographer.  I began attending seminars and became friends with a few professional photographers to continue my education in photography.  I traveled all across the US and visited many different studio's, studding the different styles and picked up on techniques of many great photographers.  I began to test my skills and under the guidance and advise of a local professional, I slowly began a career in photography.  In the days of film, every shot was an expense, so you learned quickly proper lighting, composition and exposure. Applying those skill to the digital age has opened a lot of creativity. It is funny how fast 30 years can go by and I still love doing photography.  I continue to work out of my home to control expenses and the price of my photography.  My goal to become an ever better photographer and provide superior quality.   I have survived for 31 years  and still going.

Mr. B's Photography is located at 307 East 24th, Bellevue NE
A Home Based Studio
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Senior & Modeling Photography
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Glamour & Modeling
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