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Senior and modeling portfolios are similar.  Both need and a variety of shots and poses from indoor to outdoor settings.  The multiple outfits and different hair styles are essential part of the schemes senior and models want and need. The need for high quality portraits has not gone away.  An examination of the low quality portrait saturate the social networks is evidence of this.  Here senior and models can get high quality portraits and will be provided copies for their postings on the social networks.

Head Shot & Yearbook session                          $ 35.00      single outfit session for portrait only

Studio mini Portfolio Session                              $ 75.00      in studio session 2 - 3 outfits mulitple backgrounds

Basic Portfolio Session                                       $100.00     indoor & out door studio session  3 to 5 outfits multiple backgounds

Location Portfolio Session                                  $125.00     meet out on locations for photo shoot number of outfits

Advance Portfolio Session                                  $250.00     two different session studio and location shooting


Proofing media:

Micro SD card for phone/tablets    $10


Photo CD proofing                   n/c             a low resolution cd of your images for pose selections only

USB Flash drive                      $   10.00    a low resolution USB drive of your images for pose selections only

Photo magazine                      $ 100.00    a keepsake magazine of your best poses plus an index of all your photos of your session;

                                                                     edited selection.

Hard Cover memory Book       $ 250.00    20 pages of select poses printed into a hard cover book

Photo Folio                              $ 100.00     8 - 4x5 finished prints in a presentation folio

High Resolution Photo CD      $  300.00     cost depends on the number of photos purchased.


Social Media CD                     n/c            with every photo order you may opt for a social media copy for your computer and internet.

Photo Units cover a variety of photo sizes.  Each photo within a unit must be the same pose.


1 unit = one  8x10;  two 5x7;  four 4x5; 8 wallets.    11x14 = 2 units;  16x20 = 4 units


Many packages and savings coupons will provide for a number of units for finished prints.


Individual Gallery grade prints:  to order single prints start at these prices. Packages will be designed for you on larger photo orders.

Gallery grade prints recieve all color correction, touchup services and cropping to best presentation.


4x5                    $  10.00

5x7                    $  22.00

8x10                  $  35.00

11x14                $  79.00  mounted ready for framing

16x20                $129.00  mounted ready for framing



Modeling Comp Cards sets of 25  =  5.5X8.5         25 - $ 45.00   50 - $ 70.00    75 - $   90.00    100 -  $115.00


Modeling Head Shots  sets of  25  =  8x10             25 - $ 75.00   50 - $ 125.00  75 - $ 150.00    100 -  $180.00