Mr. Bs Photography

The  "Party Magazine."   It a exactly that, a magazine style book filled with pictures from your reception party.  So many brides do not have time for scrap booking right after their wedding so we will in a way do it for them.  Go through your reception photos on the digital disc we provide you and give us a list of the photo from the reception you want in your magazine.  We will then create a magazine style photo book of just your celebration.  ( This is separate from your wedding album. )

Grandmothers dancing at wedding
Flower girl twirls her dress at reception
Reception dinner with bride & groom
Bride gets down and Boogies
Omaha Bridal Couple dance together
cake cutting with bride and groom
Married on New Years, Kiss in the new year
Bride, dad and sister with tears of joy
Little girls giggle at bride & groom
Reception line dancing
The bouquet toss
single ladies fight over the bouquet
Brides maids sample the cake
Bridal couple make enterance
Bride & Groom dance for first time

Wedding & receptions are a major part of business for photographers of Omaha.  The wedding reception is most often the most expensive part of a wedding budget.  Here at Mr. B’s photography the wedding reception deserves the same energetic coverage as the wedding ceremony.  Mr. B’s photography does not like to invoke time limits on coverage of wedding receptions.  The really unique photos and the actual celebration of the Wedding & reception happen in the latter half of the wedding reception.  The first half is dedicated to the traditional items of the meal, toasting, cake cutting, garter and bouquet toss and first dance.  Once these items are done the bridal couple are busy talking to guess and family.  Only after this is done does the couple have the chance to actually celebrate their wedding.  I find it a lot of fun to stick around and catch the true story of celebration.  Most photographers of Omaha consider this a waste of time because bridal couples do not buy additional prints of this part of reception.  As a wedding & reception photographer of Omaha, I consider this and important part of the wedding story.  In the wedding & reception packages this is an important part of a complete wedding package.  A wedding photographer is selling their skills and service to a bridal couple to capture wedding story.  To be complete one should spend the extra hour or two to get and not limit photography to a limited interpretation of the wedding & reception.